Sammy n Tuffy


Grooming Prices and Fees

Grooming Includes:

Skin, coat & shampoo evaluation -  Thorough brushing -  Nails clipped and Ears cleaned - Anal glands expressed - Hair cut and blow dry.

 Small dogs: $45.00 

 Medium:$45.00 up

 Large: $55.00 up

Pet Bath includes: 

Eveything included in a full groom, except hair cut.

Small short hair dogs: $20.00

Small long hair: $20.00 - $25.00

Medium dogs: $28.00 up

Large dogs: $45.00 up

Finishing touch for your pets - they will be given a Bow and Bandana, also Polish if requested at no extra charge.

All prices are based on the assumption pets are regularly groomed and without matts or special concerns. Prices vary according to hair length. 

Matted pets with fleas and/or with behavioral issues are charged an additional fee.