Kyley starting working as a groomer at Country Dog in March 2019. She has work in the grooming field as well as Training dogs since she was a young girl in the family business in Chiago.Type your paragraph here.




I'm Ana

Shelly began working at Country Dog Grooming Salon in 2016 as a dog groomer. She moved from Chicago, illinois with 13 years experience in the grooming field. 

Nancy was a groomer at a veterinarian hospital in 1973 before opening her first shop a year later.  In 1974 she open Perfect Pets Grooming Salon, but eventually relocated her business to New Port Richey where she opened Country Dog Grooming Salon in 2006.


Sometimes being man’s best friend is a ruff gig. Training and caring for my humans is an arduous but rewarding process. I alone am responsible for ensuring they get their daily walks.  I never know when they might dare to run errands without me to protect them, or eat food without first using my keen nose to inspect it. They never acknowledge that a mere drizzle of my drool adds so much flavor. I feel that it’s wrong to keep such deliciousness to myself.

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